Montecristo No.2 (2009) Vintage



This figurado is a long time favorite among cigar aficionados and is a "Cuban classic". Aesthetically, structurally and sensually the Monte # 2 is the benchmark for all Piramides in the business. With its flicked, pointed cap, compact body and its thick 52 ring gauge the Monte #2 looks mean and meaty. The blend-master's proportions of ligero, seco and volado tobacco are poetic and result in a romatic smoke, a return to Havana on the spot. Ligero and seco tobacco from the paragon of soils in the Vuelta Abajo region spill into each other creating heady smoke full of dark chocolate, earth and oily spices. The volado tobacco and the conical tip used in the construction of the Monte #2 ensure a pristine draw and glorious combustibility.

Format: Pyramid

Size: 6.1" x 52

Strength: Medium

Smoking Time: 75-90 mins

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