Davidoff Air De Famille Prestige Lighter


Nothing is more emotive in the ritual than the moment when the flame appears. When the heat meets the craftsmanship and the flavours which have been so expertly wrapped inside your cigar are finally set alight. The quality and control of that flame are therefore central to your enjoyment. Lighting your cigars should be done efficiently but also with style. Davidoff lighters ensure both.


Structure made out of one piece of brass (no plastic tank inside this lighter): The tank is part of the lighter body which ensures the longevity and avoids gas leaks.

Soft flame

Equipped with a special burner: Two opposing gas streams that form a unique fan-shaped flame. For an even, harmonious lighting of your cigar.

Fuel Tank Capacity: For approximately 75 cigars.

Made in France by the S.T.Dupont, the expert manufacturer of lighters.

Limited Edition (400 Worldwide)

2 Years Warranty

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